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Report & images by Lee Ping Kong

On 9th April, a big crowd turned up for this tour of Kampung Kepayang Herbal Park. Thanks to the organizing effort of Lee Yuat Wah & Manimaran. Two school buses with teachers and students from seven schools and MNS members and non-members made up a total 133 people visited the park.

Briefing by Lee Yuat Wah at the pomelo stall, the assembly point before the tour.

Brief introduction of Herbal Park

The park is situated about 1 km from the Kampong Kepayang – Batu Gajah traffic light junction. The total area is about 50 acres, planted with about 1000 types of herbal plants, majority from local source with selective species from other countries. Herbs are planted in different section of the park according to environment required. Other than herbal plants, various tropical fruit tree are also planted in this park.

This is a good place to learn various species of herb and its usage, proper labelingsand clear descriptions are displayed. Seedlings are for sale at the nursery. If seedlings are need in big quantities, arrangement can be made with the park management. Consultation service are also provided by the park.

The administration office

Short talk be Mr.S. Bala – The tour is a very educational one. Mr. Bala the person in-charge of the park gave explanation on various herbs along the tour.

Final briefing by Mr. Bala before the tour start

Misai kucing

Banana tree with flower and fruit pointing towards the sky

The Herbal Park, Kampung Kepayang is a good place for birding & picnic. It only took about half hour drive from the pomelo stall, near San Poh Tong. There are various cool spot under the tree, with tables and chairs available for visitor to rest and cool themselves. Various species of bird and some nest are seen, within the park vicinity , this show the area is a suitable habitat for some species of bird.


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Images and report by Lee Yuat Wah

It was held on 12 &13 June 2010 during the second week school holidays. The response of this camp was very good. There were 54 participants, 32 boys and 22girls. They came from school children of age between 10 and 12 years old. Most of them l are Chinese educated students from Ipoh nearby areas namely Sam Tet, Ave Maria Convent, Sam Cai, Wan Hwa 1, Padang Gajah, Ming Tet and one from Chemor. There were 3 participants who are Indians but they can speak and understand Mandarin. They are all from Chinese primary schools.

This annual event was run very smoothly and successfully with the help of 25 volunteers (seven MNS members, two teachers and other KPA facilitators and secondary students.) They are very supportive helpful and committed. I am very thankful to them.

The participants enjoyed the camp very much. They were very happy with the food and the activities they were participating. They only complained that the water in the camp was cold and the floor in the campsite was hard. Most of them wanted to come back for the next camp.

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Images and words by Lee Yuat Wah

17 students and 5 teachers from 10 secondary schools in Perak with Nature Clubs had represented Perak in the Northern Zone camp on 23th to 25th April in the Geopark in Langkawi. These schools are;

a. Institut Perguruan Ipoh
b. SMK (P) Methodist Ipoh
c. SMJK Ave Maria Convent
d. SMK Raja Permaisuri Bainun
e. SMK Menglembu
f. SMK Tambun
g. SMK Lenggong
h. SMK Convent Taiping
i. SMK Doktor Burhanuddin
j SMK Dato’ Kamaruddin

The activities we participated were;

1. Night walk in the jungle recreation Park with the guide of the Hutan Perhilitan officers . Students gained a lot of knowledge about the notorious animals and insects.

2. Visit the Frangipani Resort which practises the greenery project which is very environmental friendly. e.g growing fruit trees and vegetables and edible plants for the need of the hotel kitchen ,raise chickens and ducks, make their own organic fertilizer for their garden use. They use earthworms to produce organic soil. They have big water tanks to receive rain water and treat it clean before it flows into the nearby river and sea, .so that it can be used in the hotel and cut cost on water bill and electricity bill .There is no pollution in the hotel itself . They treat the used water so that it won’t dirty the nearby environment. They use alot of frangipani flowers to make flower tea for us.

3. Students study different types of pokok bakau . Each student was given a young seedling of pokok bakau to grow in the special sandy muddy soil.

4.Clean up the beach rubbish and see which group picked up the most.

5. Students went to town to interview foreign tourists in Langkawi and made a survey of how clean is Langkawi nowadays.

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Laporan and gambar disediakan oleh Maniamaran Vadivelu, Koordinator KPA Perak

Koordinator-koordinator Pendidikan Kelab Pencinta Alam (KPA) Perak telah menganjurkan lawatan sehari ke Taman Alam Kinta, Gua Kandu dan Muzeum Gopeng pada 13 Mac 2010. Butir-butir mengenai lawatan ini adalah seperti berikut;

Bilangan Peserta

Ahli KPA Perak dari lapan Sekolah Menengah seramai 30 orang dan 2 orang dari Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Ipoh (21 perempuan, 11 lelaki);

1. SMK Sultan Azlan Shah, Lenggong
2. SMK Dato’ Kamaruddin, Batu Kurau
3. SMK Convent, Taiping
4. SMK St. Bernedette Convent, Batu Gajah
5. SMK Menglembu, Ipoh
6. SMK Kampong Pasir Puteh, Ipoh
7. SMK Jalan Pasir Puteh, Ipoh
8. SMK Raja Permaisuri Bainun
9. Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Ipoh, Ipoh

Koordinator Pendidikan Negeri Perak

1. En. Manimaran Vadivelu
2. Cik Lee Yuat Wah
3. Cik Soon

Jurulatih Aktiviti Memerhati Burung

1. En. Lean
2. En. Khoo
3. En. Chew
4. Pn. Chew

Jurulatih Aktiviti Menjelajah Gua

1. En. Robert
2. En. Mah King Wah
3. En. Lee Phooi Leng


1. Berkumpul Dan Ice Breaking

Semua peserta, guru pengiring dan koordinator telah berkumpul di medan tempat letak kereta di hadapan Pasar Batu Gajah jam 8.15 am selepas pendaftaran. Koordinator telah memperkenalkan diri masing-masing dan aktiviti Ice breaking telah dikendalikan oleh Cik Lee Yuat Wah. Setelah selesai aktiviti Ice breaking, En. Manimaran telah memberi taklimat mengenai aturcara aktiviti hari ini dan cara perjalanan ke tempat-tempat aktiviti. Setelah itu para peserta, guru pengiring dan koordinator telah bergerak secara konvoi dengan kenderaan masing-masing menuju ke Taman Alam Kinta.

2. Memerhati Burung Di Taman Alam Kinta

Dalam perjalanan ke Taman Alam Kinta, rombongan telah berhenti di tebing Sungai Kinta dimana En. Chew bersama Puan Chew menunjukkan beberapa spesies burung terdapat di situ dengan menggunakan kamera mereka. Selepas itu rombongan bergerak ke Taman Alam Kinta dan sampai di sana jam 9.00 am.

Di Taman Alam Kinta, Cik Lee Yuat Wah telah memberi taklimat tentang peraturan di Taman Alam Kinta dan memperkenalkan semua jurulatih aktiviti memerhati burung kepada para peserta. Selepas itu, En. Manimaran telah membahagikan para peserta kepada 4 kumpulan untuk melakukan aktiviti. Aktiviti telah dimulakan dengan taklimat mengenai Kemahiran Memerhati Burung oleh En. Lean.

Selepas itu para peserta telah diberikan lembaran kerja untuk dilengkapkan semasa aktiviti. Setiap kumpulan telah dibawa secara berasingan oleh jurulatih masing-masing ke lokasi berlainan dan telah didedahkan dengan segala kemahiran memerhati burung dengan kamera mereka. Para peserta sangat seronok dan mengambil bahagian secara aktif untuk memerhatikan burung di lokasi masing-masing.

Para Jurulatih telah mengendalikan aktiviti ini dengan penuh semangat dan dedikasi. Para peserta telah berusaha untuk melengkapkan lembaran kerja semasa aktiviti bagi kumpulan masing-masing. Selepas selesai, para peserta telah berkumpul dan setelah ucapan terima kasih kepada para Jurulatih, En. Manimaran telah memberikan panduan untuk ke Pekan Gopeng. Rombongan telah bergerak secara konvoi dengan kenderaan masing-masing pada jam 10.30am.

3. Aktiviti Menjelajah Gua Kandu

Rombongan telah sampai di Pekan Gopeng jam 11.00am. Di sana ada peserta berhenti rehat, makan dan ke tandas sementara menunggu jurulatih aktiviti gua. Selepas itu, En. Robert telah membawa rombongan ke destinasi secara konvoi. Kereta rombongan telah diletakkan dekat Gua Kandu dan ada beberapa guru pengiring tidak sanggup menyertai aktiviti atas sebab kesihatan. Maka mereka telah ditinggalkan di tempat letak kereta.

Di hadapan Gua Kandu,setelah diambil bilangan para peserta telah dikenalkan kepada para Jurulatih aktiviti gua. En. Robert telah memberikan taklimat mengenai jenis gua, kemahiran menjelajah gua dan peraturan-peraturan semasa menjelajah gua. Selepas itu, para peserta telah dibawa masuk ke dalam gua dan dalam perjalanan, En. Robbert telah menerangkan mengenai pelbagai struktur yang didapati dalam gua seperti stalaktit, stalagmit, titisan air dan sebagainya. Para peserta telah kagum dengan keadaan di dalam gua tersebut.

Manimaran (left), MNS Perak’s coordinator for KPA activities

Satu aktiviti di gua yang sangat menarik peserta kita ialah apabila En. Robert mengarahkan semua peserta diam, memadamkan lampu suluh masing-masing dan cuba menghayati suasana gua yang semulajadi. Setelah sampai di suatu tempat di dalam gua, terpaksa menggunakan tali untuk memanjat dan meneruskan perjalanan. En. Robbert hanya membenarkan peserta yang sanggup sahaja untuk memanjat. Disebabkan keseronokan, ingin tahu dan bersemangat hampir 95% peserta sanggup memanjat dengan menggunakan tali.

Setelah itu para peserta telah dibawa keluar dari gua dengan menggunakan laluan yang sama. Di luar Gua, peserta telah berkumpul untuk diambil bilangan dan mengambil gambar kumpulan serta mengucapkan terima kasih kepada para jurulatih aktiviti gua. Para peserta sangat seronok dengan aktiviti ini dan ada yang ingin kembali ke sini lagi.

4. Melawat Muzium Gopeng

Rombongan telah bertolak dari Gua Kandu ke Pekan Gopeng jam 2.00pm. Dua buah sekolah tidak bersama aktiviti ini dan pulang kerana mereka pernah ke muzium Gopeng sebelum ini.

Di Pekan Gopeng rombongan telah melawat Muzium Gopeng di mana mereka dapat mengetahui sejarah Gopeng , aktivi perlombongan biji timah dan asal usul serta adat istiadat penduduk di sana. Muzium Gopeng merupakan sebuah rumah kedai yang mempunyai pelbagai bahan sejarah.

5. Bersurai

Setelah ucapan terima kasih daripada para koordinator, para peserta telah bersurai bersama guru pengiring ke destinasi masing-masing pada jam 3.30pm.

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Report by Chan Kai Soon
Images by Cheang Kum Seng

About 100 primary school children accompanied by 30 teachers and team leaders visited Kinta Nature Park for a dose of nature appreciation on 13th December 2009.

They arrived at around 7.30am in three buses and were greeted by a group of birders from MNS Perak branch. They were divided into 10 groups each of which was taken care of by a birder who showed the students as well as the teachers birds found in the visitor center. The heronry at Pulau Pucung was busy as usual and there were no shortage of birds for the childrens’ viewing pleasure.

Invariably their immediate response upon looking through the telescopes was one of “wows” & “wahs”. Most of these young children had never been exposed to the real beauty of the birds and they were naturally amazed at the view through the telescopes. Their desire to go up the observation tower and their incessant request eventually bear fruit.

We finally allowed them to go up the tower but in groups of 10 for a stunning view of the beautiful landscape. Then they had a group photo with all the teachers, helpers and birders. The organizer presented MNS with an Ang Pow and an eco-friendly wood craft which is supposed to be a hornbill. Chan Kai Soon received the gift of appreciation on behalf of MNS.

After short refreshments, the students continued their journey of learning at around 9.30 am. Some parents, non-members, MNS family members and photographers also took the opportunity to visit the park. We are pleasantly surprised by the additional interest in KNP generated by the children visit.

On behalf of MNS Perak I would like to thank all birders who had helped to take care of the children. They are Ooi Beng Yean, Cheang Kum Seng, Lean Yen Loong, David Chin & wife, Loke Choong Ming & wife, Chiu Sein Chiong, Connie Khoo, Bob & Vera Radnell, Ng Kit Wan and Susan Cheong. Members of the branch exco including Lee Ping Kong and Georgia Tham were also on hand to help out.

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