Date and Time: 1st Apr 2017 (Saturday) 3.30pm

Speaker: Zaharil Dzulkafly

Coordinator: Chan Kai Soon 0125315670 chankaisoon@hotmail.com

Geographical Information System (GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present geographic data. With GIS, comparisons can be made for locations of different things in order to discover how they relate to each other. For example, using GIS, a single map could include sites that produce pollution, such as illegal duck and pig farms, and sites that are sensitive to pollution, such as pools located nearby. Such a map would help people determine which and how much of the wetlands are most at risk. GIS can include information about land, such as the layout and size of forest reserves, location and flow of streams and different kinds of vegetation.

Complex analysis with high precision can be made with GIS, for example, a green area is proposed to be gazetted as a protected area with these criteria taken into consideration;

1. must be at least 1000 hectares in size with at least three quarter is covered in natural vegetation;

2. currently no development within and at least 500 meters from its perimeter;

3. rivers of at least 5 km in total length with at least 50% of them originating within the area;

4. having altitude difference of at least 300 meters.

While in the earlier days GIS was very technical and only certain organizations were able to use it, it is becoming more user friendly. While some comprehensive GIS software can cost tens of thousands of Ringgit, there are also some simple ones which are free of charge for the public, NGOs etc. While some geographical datasets can be very expensive and restricted, there are also some provided for free for non-commercial purpose such as Google Earth satellite imagery and Google Maps. With certain devices affordable by the public such as handheld GPS, even an average public person can perform some GIS analysis and task.

Light refreshments will be served after the talk.


Talk: “Wild Cambodia”
Speaker: Mr. W.K Fletcher
Date: 17 December 2016 (Sat) at 4:00pm sharp.
Venue: Perak branch building 70, Jln Chan Chee Keong, Ipoh Garden South, 31400 Ipoh


K. Fletcher and Donna Baylis first lived in Ipoh from 1982-84 to work at the Southeast Asia Tin Research and Development Centre (SEATRAD) on Tiger Lane. After close encounters with the Sumatran Rhino near Selama and Rafflesia at Ulu Geroh they became committed nature photographers. So it was only natural that in 2003, when they retired from their regular jobs in Canada, they would join the Malaysia My Second Home Programme and return to Ipoh. Since then they have used Ipoh as a base to travel around SE Asia documenting its disappearing flora and fauna. As a part of that effort they have spent one month in Cambodia every year since 2005. They work as a team with Donna taking video and K doing the photography.

Intro to Wild Cambodia talk

The Eastern Plains Landscape (EPL) occupies 30,000 square km in the northeastern part of Cambodia lying within the rain shadow of the Vietnamese Annamite Mountains. From December through early April it is hot and very dry but after the rains arrive in May the rivers flow and the plains are inundated. The dominant vegetation is an open dry forest with patches of denser forest along rivers and on low hills that rise from the plains. Until the middle of the last century these dry forests teemed with wildlife – elephants, kouprey, gaur, banteng, eld’s and sambar deer with the tiger as their top predator. Then, during the unrest of the second half of the last century, the kouprey vanished and now the tiger, last recorded in 2007, has been officially declared extinct. Despite these tragic losses the EPL remains one of the last great wild places where it is possible find the birds and mammals of the dry forests that once covered much of Thailand and Cambodia: these are the subject of our talk.

It is FOC and please bring along your family, and friends (non members are also welcome) to attend.

MNS Perak Branch AGM

Dear members of Perak Branch,

MNS Perak Branch will be holding our next AGM on Sat 23 July 2016, 3:30 pm at our branch building at Jalan Chan Chee Keong, Ipoh Garden South.

Our Bird Group will also hold its election at 3:00 pm just before our branch AGM on the same day and venue.
After the AGM & refreshment, a flashback slide presentation of MNS Perak Activities for the past twelve months will be carried out.

Please mark this important date and make yourself available to attend the AGM as we need to have sufficient forum to complete our meeting and to meet each other again.

Hope to see you all at the AGM.

We were happy to finally get a confirmation that our MNS Project Manager, Mr Yeap Chin Aik from HQ, would be giving us a very informative and interesting indoor talk on Hornbill project which has been carried out since 2004 in Belum-Temengor forest complex.

Date: 28 May 2016 (Sat)
Time: 4:00pm sharp
Venue: MNS Perak Branch Building (No. 70 Jalan Chan Chee Keong, Ipoh Garden South, 31400 Ipoh)

The talk is free of charge and it is a golden opportunity to know about the project and its achievements to date. You can also invite your friends (non-members inclusive) to come along too.

Hope to see you all at the talk to support the effort by the Branch to arrange such talk.

Date: 20th Mar 2016

Time: 8.00am to 10am

Meeting venue: Menglembu foothill near the fruit sellers and other few hawkers.

Coordinator: Lee Yuat Wah 0175775641 leeyuatwah@yahoo.com

Get to know the herbs along the tar road trail of Kledang Hill. The activity will be led by a Chinese herbalist (Mr. Lai) from Kuala Kangsar. Mr. Lai was a headmaster. He is now a Chinese medical doctor giving voluntary medical services in one of the Chinese medical hospitals in Ipoh. Those who are interested in this activity, please bring along a note book, a pen, a hat, a towel and a bottle of water. Have your breakfast before you come. Put on comfortable walking shoes as the trail is up the slope. Please bring a used plastic bag to collect rubbish along the trail. Cultivate a good habit to take care of our environment and keep it clean. Everybody does his and her little part – bring your rubbish home and recycle before throwing the rubbish into the rubbish bin! MNS members and non-members are welcome.

Date: 19th Mar 2016 (Saturday) 4.00pm

Venue: MNS Perak Branch Building

Coordinator: Lee Yuat Wah 0175775641 leeyuatwah@yahoo.com

MNS Perak branch is taking part in the Science Film Festival 2015 which is part of MNS partnership with Geothe-Institut Malaysia. The festival is a celebration of science communication and enjoys a unique position in Southeast Asia, North Africa and the Middle East: In cooperation with local partners it promotes science literacy and facilitates awareness of contemporary scientific, technological and environmental issues through the medium of film and television content. The first DVD screening from Science Film Festival entitled “Plastic Waste in Ocean” (10 min) to be followed by “Life Force 2-Borneo” (48 min) which focuses on gliding animals, pygmy version of the rhino, elephant & bear and majority of the monkeys and giant apes such as orang-utan which have evolved to live in the forests of Borneo. Please bring your friends and kids along. Light refreshment will be provided after the presentation.

Venue: MNS branch building

Date/time: 16th Jan (Sat) 3.30pm

Presenter: 0125315670 chankaisoon@hotmail.com

Our member’s talk had previously focused on Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa and Turkey. We will now feature Nepal in January! Chan Kai Soon was among a group of seven members who went for the Nepal Raptor Watch in November 2014, followed by a short stint of nature appreciation at Chitwan National Park. This traveloque attempts to recollect the excitement, disappointment, anxious moments, contentment and other experiences at various stages of this memorable journey. Incidentally, the hugely damaging Nepal earthquake hit the country only few months after our group returned to Malaysia so some parts of Nepal may never be the same again.

The travelogue will be about 1 1⁄2 to 2 hours in duration, after which light refreshments will be served. MNS members as well as non-members are welcome.

Date: 12th Dec 2016 (Sat) 4pm

Venue: MNS branch office

Coordinator: Ooi Beng Yean

Robert Percival will present a talk on his recent trip to the country of Turkey. The talk will cover Istanbul, Troy, Ankara, ancient Roman ruins, the Limestone features of Pamukkale and man-made Cave dwellings of Cappadocia. If time permits, he will also show a few selected pictures of 3 Volcanoes he visited in Java and Bali Indonesia last year. Light refreshmens will be served after the talk.

MNS members as well as non-members are welcome.

Date: 28th Nov 2015 (Sat) 3:30pm
Venue: MNS Branch Building
Coordinator : Ooi Beng Yean

This will be part 3 of the series of slide show by Cheaw Hon Ming who has spent a wonderful time touring South Africa. The Slideshow/talk will continue from the last talk and will take the audience to view the natural landforms, flora and fauna of the Etosha National Park in Namibia, the Okavango delta and the national park and river cruise in Botswana and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Please note that the slide show will start on time at 3.30pm.

Light refreshments will be served after the talk. MNS members and non-members are welcome.

It’s member’s day again and this round we have Dr Chan Kai Soon giving a talk on his experience in 2nd Asian Bird Fair in Tainan, 2011. All are welcomed and refreshments will be served.

Date: 24 Oct 2015 (Sat)
Time: 4pm
Venue: Perak Branch Building

Cave and Valley Trip

An upcoming event this weekend for trekking lovers:

1. Tambun Open Cave – to see more than 2000 year old prehistorical wall painting, lead by Mah King Wah
2. Paradise Valley lead by Ramli

Place to meet: Eu Yan Sang, at Ipoh Garden Plaza (Same row of shop of Ipoh Garden South with Tong Hoi Seafood Restaurant 怡保花园南区,东海海鲜餐馆同一排店)
Time to gather: 9.30am sharp
Transport: your own transport or car pool.

Participants need to wear shoes and have to walk up stairs. It is not a difficult climb. Children can go up the steps too. You can have breakfast picnic up there if you want to. Please bring along your water bottle, hat or umbrella.

After visiting this open cave in Tambun, we will proceed to Paradise Valley in Ampang .

The two activities will end roughly at 1.00 pm. it will be a half-day activity.
All are welcome. Non-MNS members are invited too but have to pay a small contribution to the society.

Person to contact: Lee Yuat Wah (017-5775641) or Mah King Wah (017-5799189)

Date/Time: 23 May 2015 (Sat), at 4:00pm sharp

Venue: Perak MNS Ipoh Building , 70 Jalan Chan Chee Keong, Ipoh Garden South

Presenter: Dr Chan Kai Soon

Dr Chan joined a small group of birders from Perak branch to a birding trip to north-east Thailand. This was arranged by Ooi Beng Yean who had been there the year before. The trip lasted 10 days and covered three areas namely Phu Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary, Namnao Natioal Park and Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary. The last place was quite close to the border with Laos so we were really into the wilderness of the Thai kingdom. This presentation will illustrate some of the interesting birds encountered. It also provides an idea of how a fully arranged tour is like in Thailand. Such bird tours are becoming more and more popular in Thailand as well as other countries.

MNS members, friends and non-members are welcome.

Date/Time: 25 April 2015 (Sat), at 8:00pm sharp

Venue: Perak MNS Ipoh Building , 70 Jalan Chan Chee Keong, Ipoh Garden South

Lean Yen Loong, is sharing a slide show of his travel in Japan.

All are welcomed.

Due to the busy holidays season during February for the Chinese New Year, there will be no Member’s Night on February. We would be back in action in March again

Date/Time: 21 March 2015 (Sat), at 8:00pm sharp

Venue: Perak MNS Ipoh Building , 70 Jalan Chan Chee Keong, Ipoh Garden South

Tou Jing Yi, had recently visited Cambodia on a work trip, and had taken the opportunity to explore some birding experiences at Cambodia, along the largest freshwater pond in South East Asia – Tonle Sap, and also in the city of Angkor – Siem Reap, where the famous Angkor Wat lies. He will share some of his experiences in Cambodia.

All are welcomed.

This annual nature camp is for children between the age of 9 and 12, for all the pupils in the primary schools of all races. It will be a two day one night camp which covers a lot of activities of nature.

The closing date for registration is 10th May 2015. Those who are interested please contact:
Lee Yuat Wah (Tel:017-5775641 or leeyuatwah@gmail.com)

Royal Belum is a state park in the Northern region of Perak. For this 3 days 2 night tour, the participants will travel all the way from the jetty near Banding Island to the upper course of Temenggor lake and back track on a boathouse. Along the way, we would likely come across one of the biggest flower in the world — the Rafflesia and pay a visit to the fish sanctuary and Orang Asli village, and experience jungle tracking in the virgin forest of 130 million years of age. The most valuable tree – the eagle wood (gaharu), other old trees of more than 100 year old, and wild animals and hornbills will be seen along the jungle tracking trial.

The closing date of registration for this trip is on 28th Feb 2015. There are only limited places available for this trip. It is on a first come first serve basis. Those who are interested, please contact Lee Yuat Wah (Tel:017-5775641 or leeyuatwah@gmail.com)

Date/Time: 24 January 2015 (Sat), at 8:00pm sharp

Venue: Perak MNS Ipoh Building , 70 Jalan Chan Chee Keong, Ipoh Garden South

Steven Lim is sharing on an interesting topic on wildlife conservation in Royal Belum, the most majestic state park of ours here in Perak and remains to be one of the best location with a superbly high biodiversity richness within the state and the country.

All is welcomed.

Date/Time: 13 December 2014 (Sat), at 8:00pm sharp

Venue: Perak MNS Ipoh Building , 70 Jalan Chan Chee Keong, Ipoh Garden South

Our member Mr. Robert Percival has kindly stepped forward to give a talk to members on his recent trip to Java and Bali to see 3 volcanoes apart from the usual scenery and temples, beaches etc.

Please bring along your families and friends to listen to Robert who will be sharing his interesting experience in Indonesia.

Date: 20-21 December 2014 (Sat-Sun)

Ooi Beng Yean is organizing an overnight bird watching trip to Genting Highland where some of the common montane birds are expected to greet us early in the morning. We shall depart Ipoh on Saturday afternoon at 3:00 pm, spend a night at or around Genting Highland. Early next morning, we shall drive up to Ulu Kali to see those birds relentlessly looking and feeding on moths/insects that are stuck onto the fences or vegetations at the venue. For starters on bird photography, it may be one of the best sites to try your hand on your cameras as some of the birds may go very near to you.

Those interested, please confirm with trip leader, Ooi Beng Yean early (01759082206 or email bengyean@gmail.com) so that he can pre-book suitable accommodation for participants as well as to inform participants of trip details Arrange your own car transport preferably by carpool.

All costs are on share basis.

Date: Sun 14 December 2014

Trip Coordinator: Dr. Chan Kai Soon

December is a peak month for migratory birds. Dr. Chan shall be organizing a day trip to our ex-mining water ponds at Malim Nawar to check for migrant water birds. Please contact Dr. Chan (0125315679) for trip confirmation & details for those interested.

MNS will be the host in the fifth of this series of bird fair which is going to be held in Pulau Langkawi. For more information, please visit the MNS Homepage and the special facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Asian-Bird-Fair/681286655243108

The trip to the Bird Fair from Perak Branch will be led by Ooi Beng Yean. Limited places are reserved for members who like to join Ooi on first come first serve basis. If interested, please contact Ooi (0175082206) or via bengyean@gmail.com for trip details.

Date: 22 November 2014 (Sat), 8:30 am to 3:00 pm

Venue: SRK Pasir Pinji 2

As in previous years for their annual “Carnival of the Green” event, MNS Perak has accepted the Ipoh Old Town’s invitation to show case our efforts in nature education, and various nature activities for public awareness and appreciation, particularly to the younger generation and their parents/guardians. If time permits, do drop in to lend support to the Branch at the venue.

Speaker: Cheang Kum Seng

Date: 15 November 2014 (Sat), 8:00 pm sharp.

Venue: Branch Building, 70 Jln. Chan Chee Keong, Ipoh Garden South, 31250 Ipoh.

Mark this date and not to miss our photography “Sifu” Cheang Kum Seng who will talk on the wonderful world of our limestone caves in Perak with his vast collection of wonderful slides taken over many years to share with participants. Please bring along your family and friends to enjoy our Perak caves in the comfort of an armchair.

This year’s Taiping Raptor Festival will be held on 1st & 2nd November 2014 at Taiping Sentral Mall and Scott’s Hill.  Programme as below:


Date & Time Venue Activity
1 & 2 Nov 2014 (Sat & Sun)

9.30am – 5.00pm

Taiping Sentral Mall
  • Mini exhibition
  • Audio video presentation on raptors, birds & nature
  • Sales of nature-related merchandise
  • MNS membership registration
  • Free Mangrove & firefly tours (T&C apply)
1 & 2 Nov 2014 (Sat & Sun)

9.30am – 1.30pm

Scott’s Hill, Taiping Villa Raptor watch at Scott’s Hill, Taiping Villa

(free shuttle van service will be provided)


Please bring your family and friends around for seeing in person the awesome phenomenon of raptors (eagles) flying over the top of Scott’s Hill.  Private cars are not allowed at the hill top but we will provide free van shuttle service from the Mall to the hill top which is only about 5-8 minutes drive away.

Date: 25-26 October 2014 (Sat-Sun)

Camp Coordinator: Lee Yuat Wah, Education Group Coordinator ( 017-5775641 )

The nature camp is for all primary school children who like to experience nature, trekking and outdoor activities. However if there is insufficient number of participants, the camp will be postponed to other dates.

Please contact the Coordinator for details if interested.

Speaker: En. Ibrahim Ngah & Ridzuan

Date & Time: 18 October 2014 (Sat), 8:00 pm sharp.

Venue: Branch Building, 70 Jln. Chan Chee Keong, Ipoh Garden South, Ipoh.

The talk is of particular interest to those who are concern with nature conservation. It is an initiative taken by the local community to conserve the Segari-Melintang landscape which includes the protection of the turtles. Please come to listen to our speakers and give them a warm reception for their effort to give us the talk in short notice.

Date: 25-26 October 2014 (Sat-Sun)
Camp Coordinator : Lee Yuat Wah (017-5775641)

The nature camp is for all primary school children who like to experience nature, trekking and outdoor activities.

Please contact the Coordinator for details if interested.

Date: 20-21 September 2014 (Sat-Sun)
Trip Coordinators : Sharon Chan ( 016-5474802) and Lee Yuat Wah ( 017-5775641 )

The trip is for MNS members & their families. Campers must see to their own transport, tents, meals and lights. Interesting activities include swimming, visits to the waterfall & Archeological Museum, birding, nature appreciation & cell phone photography contest, fishy lunch etc.
From the big Kekabu car park, it is just an easy 300m walk to the camp site. There are toilets, shower rooms, surau, BBQ pit etc but no electricity! Those without tents can actually sleep in the hall. The small river is a popular picnic site.

Camp fees: RM10 (MNS Member), RM20 (Non Member), RM10 (Children 6-12 years)
Please register with any of the Coordinators above before closing date: 10 Sept 2014.

Dear all,

This month, the member’s night will be shifted to the last Saturday due to the availability of the speaker.

Date and Time: 30 August 2014 (Sat), 8.00 pm

Venue: MNS Ipoh Branch Building, 70 Jln Chan Chee Keong, Ipoh Garden South, Ipoh.

Members and Non-members are welcome.

Date: Sat 13 – Mon 15 September 2014

AGM Venue: Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM), Durain Tunggal

Place to Stay: Company Bungalow at Port Dickson at special rate- check in 13th, check out 15th September 2014..

Trip Coordinator: Ooi Beng Yean (0175082206) or bengyean@gmail.com

It must have been many years since most of us last attended our national AGM and this will be a good opportunity to attend this year AGM to be held in Melaka and organized by the Melaka branch with minimum costs. It is also timely to meet up with some old and new faces from different branches and HQ personnel to exchange and share our views and the same passions for nature. For those who have not attended such AGMs before, it will be an eye-opener and a life time experience for you!

Since our Chair, Ooi BY is attending the AGM representing the Branch, he would also like to lead a trip there to facilitate participating members to take part in the AGM and other interesting events as attached.
The Branch has opted for accommodation in Port Dickson for considerable cost saving and it is probably just a 40 minutes drive away to the AGM venue. Carpooling is expected and expenses on accommodations and transportation shall be on shared basis.

This trip is meant for adult members of Perak Branch (above 18) with valid membership only. If interested, please contact the trip coordinator for more details and on first come first serve basis as there is always a limit on the number of participants we can accommodate and carpool. We also need to let the relevant organizers know our participation as early as possible for the preparation of their events to accommodate us. Please bring along your MNS member Card if possible to facilitate AGM attendance and voting verification. Thank you.

This programme is only valid for active MNS Perak members

To encourage participation to the above programme which has been organised and carried out from August to September every year by MNS Headquarter, our Perak Branch has recently allocated a fund to subsidise its members who wish to volunteer for the programme this year. The Hornbill programme including its schedule and cost can be obtained from MNS programme link below. If interested, please first check with the programme link for available time slot and then contact the Branch Chairman, Ooi Beng Yean (017 5476632) or bengyean@gmail.com for subsidy application and details to participate on first come first serve basis.

Related information:

MNS initiated the volunteer programme in 2008 for non-scientists to take part in monitoring the Plain-pouched Hornbill (PPHB) and be part of the national and global conservation effort to save the hornbills and its habitat, i.e. the Belum-Temengor Forest Complex. The hornbill researchers could not be on the site full time and therefore help is needed from the public. Join us in our efforts to tell the world that the hornbills are needed for a functional healthy forest in Belum-Temengor and must be protected for the years to come. It is hoped that the project will contribute towards understanding the ecology and biology of the globally threatened and near-threatened hornbills. Through this, it is hoped that the knowledge gained through the project will help to improve protection for the hornbills and its habitat.

For more info and any query:



Closing date to register is on 31st August 2014

August and September is the season where thousands of Plain-pouched Hornbill flock to Belum-Temengor forest, perhaps in search of food or for reasons unclear at the moment. This is why HVP was initiated. For the next two months, volunteers will count the PPHB twice daily. This flight census will offer valuable information on population numbers which in turn will be used to advocate for the protection of Temengor forest, especially in addressing logging threats.

The second reason for HVP is for you to let go of the convenient, busy, connected world and go back to basics experiencing the peace and tranquillity. No wifi, no electricity, no piped water, no enclosed bathrooms, and no lumbar support beds. Learn to live with less. Learn teamwork, sharing and caring with your camp mates. This year we will have another art competition for you to participate in, a bit different from last year.

Two packages will be available during the August-September counts.
• VOLUNTEER PACKAGE 1 [4D/3N] (Tuesday-Friday)
• VOLUNTEER PACKAGE 2 [5D/4N] (Friday to Tuesday)

We would like to thank Zari Malaysiana for keeping in the public eye the frightening cable car project for Bukit Larut, known affectionately by many of us as Maxwell Hill. We are distressed that a project that has had so much opposition from nature lovers can continue to be planned by the authorities.

Bukit Larut is one of the premier highland nature site in the peninsula, if not the best. A cursory visit to Cameron Highlands will reveal the almost total destruction of the once beautiful site. Genting Highlands is rapidly declining and Fraser’s soon to join them. Bukit Larut, the oldest of the hill stations, remains the best location to observe nature in its element. The bird life there is rich and many bird watchers come from various parts of our country and abroad to appreciate its wonder.

Any planned development of the hill, including the cable car will only spell destruction. Not a single nature site in the entire country has been developed without a significant and excessive amount of destruction and loss of the natural habitat, and resultant loss of bird life. The beauty of the current situation at Bukit Larut is that the difficult access to the hill is what preserves it. The lack of amusement and activities at the hill top keeps it from destruction. What is the purpose of rushing people up the hill so that they can then rush around to eat, buy, play loud music, and ignore the nature all around them? Almost every nature spot we have caters to an immature Malaysian local tourist. One that thrashes the site, wants more concrete, one that complains about the lack of amusement. From karaoke in the jungle to adventure biking and growing piles of rubbish, our pristine nature sites are being degraded by a sheer lack of sensitivity to nature.

I am sure we will be assured of an environmental impact study that approves the cable car project and that minimal destruction will take place. Look at the reality in Cameron and Genting Highlands. We could not understand the recent huge outcry against the Penang hills development when the Pahang government has already raped not just Cameron Highlands but the entire 20-30 km stretch of highlands on the road from Camerons to Gua Musang (it could be longer, we had no heart to see more). An environmental disaster of epic proportions fueled by greed and corruption.

We plead with the Perak state government and our federal government to leave Bukit Larut alone. It is a resource not just for Perak but for the whole country. Let it be a site where we can at least continue to see the beauty of our country’s flora and fauna and not in a caged zoo. Leave the rickety old jeeps alone. They will bring up the discerning nature lover from abroad and locally who will gasp at the beauty of the more than 250 species of birds there and be in awe of the towering trees. From rapidly moving Streaked Spiderhunters to the yellow-crested Sultan Tit, from migrating thrushes from Siberia to magnificent local Hornbills (rapidly dying out in our country). The lack of amenities means only those who are serious and love nature will come. The best way to care for nature is not to touch it.

May we please keep Bukit Larut alive for our children, as there is no hope for the other hill stations. Leave this undisturbed natural sanctuary alone. It is a gem among stones.

Thank you.



Amar-Singh HSS (Dato’ Dr)

Lim Swee Im (Datin, Dr)

On Behalf of the Malaysian Nature Society
and Perak MNS Bird Group

Pembersihan Tanah Ancam 40,000 hektar Hutan Paya Bakau Di Kerian

PARIT BUNTAR: Salah satu ekosistem paya bakau terbesar di Malaysia kini terancam berikutan aktiviti pembersihan tanah dilakukan di sebuah kawasan dekat Kampung Gula-Gula.

Hutan paya bakau Matang yang berkeluasan lebih 40,000 hektar di daerah Kerian, Perak merupakan ekosistem paya bakau terbesar di Semenanjung, tetapi ia tertakluk kepada aktiviti pembersihan tanah pada minggu lalu.

Pengerusi Friends of Bakau (FoM), Zakaria Mohamed berkata, kira-kira 6 hektar bakau dibersihkan untuk membuka jalan bagi pembinaan kawasan ternakan udang yang terletak kira-kira 30km dari sini.

Kawasan itu berhampiran dengan pusat pemuliharaan burung Kuala Gula yang popular, di mana dianggarkan 200,000 burung singgah pada musim burung berhijrah antara Ogos dan April setiap tahun.

“Apa yang mengecewakan kita apabila melihat usaha kita untuk memulihara kawasan paya bakau hanyalah sia-sia,” kata Zakaria.

Sejak tsunami Lautan Hindi oada 2004, kesedaran mengenai kepentingan pokok bakau semakin dirasai di kalangan rakyat, terutama di Kerian, yang merupakan kawasan di persisiran pantai di Perak.

Penduduk kampung dari Kampung Kuala Gula bimbang penyingkiran plot bakau dari paya yang diberi nama Teluk Rubiah di sini akan membawa kepada lebih banyak pembersihan tanah.

“Kita telah menanam banyak pokok bakau dalam tempoh tujuh tahun lepas dengan sokongan agensi-agensi kerajaan dan NGO yang lain. Tetapi sekarang, kita tidak tahu berapa lama lagi kita boleh meneruskan usaha kita itu,” kata Zakaria.

Paya Bakau Teluk Rubiah berkeluasan 500 hektar, terletak 6 kilometer dari kampung tersebut.

Selain memerhati burung-burung berhijrah, kawasan Kuala Gula terkenal dengan eko-pelancongan, termasuk perkampungan homestay, lawatan melihat bakau menggunakan bot, kunang-kunang, nelayan menangkap ikan dan kilang memproses belacan.

Zakaria berkata, eko-pelancongan di sini mungkin akan terjejas akibat kekurangan hutan bakau, kerana burung-burung akan pergi ke tempat lain untuk berlindung.

Ketua pemuliharaan Persatuan Pencinta Alam Malaysia, Balu Perumal berkata, penduduk tempatan kecewa dan pada masa yang sama bimbang terhadap aktiviti-aktiviti pembersihan tanah, dengan FoM melaporkan perkara itu kepada pejabat daerah.

“Jabatan Perhutanan dan Alam Sekitar, dan Kementerian Sumber Asli juga telah dimaklumkan mengenai perkara itu,” kata Balu, sambil menambah bahawa penduduk tempatan membantu untuk menanam kira-kira 200,000 pokok bakau di kawasan itu.

“Jika ada mana-mana tanah paya lain di Teluk Rubiah jatuh ke tangan persendirian, kami berharap pihak berkuasa boleh memperolehnya semula dan menukarkannya kepada sebuah taman komuniti,” katanya.

Seorang jurucakap ternakan udang mengesahkan tanah itu milik persendirian tetapi enggan mengulas lanjut, manakala Pejabat Daerah dan Tanah Kerian tidak dapat dihubungi bagi mendapatkan komen.

Sources from: Link here

There is a pressing issue of uncontrolled harvesting of Ikan Loma at Kuala Rui, along Sungai Rui and Sungai Perak, near Gerik, which had became a tourist attraction at the Gerik area.

Hundreds of thousands of Ikan Loma migrates from down stream of Sungai Perak to lay eggs at Sungai Rui and upper stream of Sungai Perak near Bersia Dam area.

At the small village of Kuala Rui, these fishes had to go through a narrow pass under a bridge, near Kuala Rui, where the people just scooped for the fishes, they only wanted the eggs as the ingredient of ‘perkasam’. The fish is however full of tiny bones, so the market price is low. Other areas along Sungai Perak towards Bersia Dam, fishing activities occurred at the Ikan Loma spawning area. There were reported cases where thousands of fishes were being thrown back into the river after obtaining their eggs.

Catching the fish during egg laying season and spawning area is a is a big concern for the conservation of Ikan Loma, the population will drop sharply in very short period of time, because a few generation of fishes were being wiped out.

The egg laying season will start from October to December every year.

Besides Bikam, Parit and Chikus Forest Reserves are in trouble, the whole state of Perak is now hit with many ecological vulnerabilities, and many could lead to extinction of species in the region which could lead in unbalance in ecosystem which may alter the local climate, further helping to worsen global warming.

The following are some other highlights of the updates in the eco-disaster in Perak:

1. Kinta Nature Park
A long fight to gazette the nature park, one of the largest heronry in the region along with bird sanctuary for a rich diversity of birds and other wildlife had been getting promise from the Perak government to gazette the park years ago as published in the newspaper. Years had passed, however, we had only gain confirmation that the zone A of the park which is the major area of the heronry is what the state government would be interested to gazette but the rest of the park (Zone B and C) would likely to be commercialized instead. The park is not only about the heronry but also to the unique wetland habitats in Peninsular Malaysia that will ensure the survival of many species, including the less inconspicuous ones that seldom get attention from the public.

2. Khantan Cave
We had issued a Green Alert on the blasting of Khantan Cave not long ago and the branch had been able to temporarily stop the blasting of the cave through the MB office. MNS HQ is now in direct communication with Lafarge Cement to resolve the issue, and for now, at least the Kanthan Cave Trap-Door-Spider and other unique flora and fauna at the hill had temporarily escaped death.

3. Segari Turtle Sanctuary
Due to logging activities in Tanjung Hantu and Segari Melintang Forest Reserves and over fishing in the vicinity, the turtle landing to breed here had reduced from about 200 turtles in 2006 to less than 40 in 2012!

4. Kampung Dew-Sepetang River Fireflies
Our MNS President, Prof Maketab, had carried out firefly zone demarcation project with the funding from the state government for this newly promoted firefly sanctuary that is perhaps one of the best in the country. However, encroachment along the Sepetang river bank still occurs.

5. Mount Yellow
This mountain that is in the Cameron Highlands vicinity had more than 500 acres that had been opened up recently at about 5000 feet a.s.l. by the state government investment arm. The water from Mount Yellow feed directly into the Ulu Kinta Dam that is the main drinking water supply to the Kinta Valley region. This would directly affect the water quality in this region, including the state capital Ipoh.

6. Royal Belum
The Royal Belum State Park had built massive buildings in various camp sites in Royal Belum, which is not inline with the international norm, in the management of a world class tropical rainforest park. The trails are trimmed and cleaned to resemble city gardens, which is not in par with the idea of a natural state park, seriously impacting on the image of the park.

7. Baling Kupang Gerik Highway
Both sides of the forest along this highway are not cut clean, in the name of LTC project. The affected areas included the Belukar Semang Forest Reserve, Bintang Hijau Forest Reserve and Gunung Inas Forest Reserve. This issued had been highlighted in the media, i.e. the Star and TV3, through the initiative of both MNS Perak and MNS Penang.

We would encourage all our members to keep an eye and update the branch if you came across any ecological happenings in the state that worth highlighting. Thank you.

Recently, a call to stop the state government from de-gazetting the Bikam Forest Reserve in Bidor for oil palm plantation. The forest is very important in Peninsular Malaysia for housing the rare and critically endangered tree that is known as the Keruing Paya (Dipterocarpus coriaceus). This species of tree is endemic to the Greater Sundas and is only found in restricted region in Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Java and Borneo. In Peninsular Malaysia, this is the last known site for this species, that is now listed by IUCN as a globally “Critically Endangered” species.

Shortly after such a call to save the tree had been issued, we soon heard the inevitable news that it had been too late even when the call had been initiated because there we no Keruing Paya left in the remaining parts of Bikam Forest Reserve, according to a site inspection by a team of FRIM officers, led by forest botany expert Dr Lilian Chua.

This valuable endemic species is known to have high value for timber but it is now gone and nothing can be done to revert what had been done and we had to sadly accepted that the Keruing Paya is now officially extinct in Peninsular Malaysia in Jul 2013 following many other plants and animals that had gone extinct along the path of development in Peninsular Malaysia.

What now?

We should now just sit back and sob now because this is not the only species that would be fated with extinction, more are upcoming. Now, yet another globally “Critically Endangered” species of Dipterocarp, the Keruing Padi (Dipterocarpus semivastitus) is on its path of extinction as well with the recent decision by the state government to de-gazette both Parit and Chikus Forest Reserves, the only known sites for the tree species in Peninsular Malaysia. These forest reserves are also home to the Black Panthers (Panthera pardus), the impressive Great Argus Pheasant (Argusianus argus) as well as the Siamang (Symphalangus syndactylus).

We must act now and stop this preventable extinction right now, you can choose to sign the petition HERE and help to promote this news to your friends. Time is tickling and we are not looking forward to see yet another extinction news hit the headlines.

The new term of branch committee is now born, with the new committee list as follows:

Chairman: Lee Ping Kong
Vice Chairman: Leow Kon Fah
Hon Secretary: Georgia Tham Yim Fong
Hon Treasurer: Har Wai Ming


  • Ooi Beng Yean
  • Tan Chin Tong
  • Tou Jing Yi
  • Josephine Tan Ai Ling
  • Lee Yuat Wah
  • Ng Kah Choong

Hon Auditor: Dr Abdul Karim Russ bin Hassan

Special Interest Group (SIG) Coordinators:
Education Group: Manimaram a/l Vadivelu
KPA: Khairul Salleh Bin Ahmad
Bird Group: Ng Kit Wan

The Kanthan Cave is now in danger to be blasted in the very near future. Lafarge cement factory has held a meeting with the people around Kanthan Cave to evict the premises. They has planned to start blasting the Kanthan Cave area by 1 June 2013.

Kanthan Cave is a very important cave to be preserved as a natural heritage in Kinta Valley, the reasons are as follow:

1. A species of Trap Door Spider (Liphistius Kanthan) is an endemic species found only in Kanthan Cave and no where else throughout the world, it appears on earth around 367 millions years ago.

2. Circular column-liked fossils of Carboniferous crinoids, the feather-star or sea lilies, are found at the base of the hill, which are at least 300 millions years old.

3. A rare plant occurs only at Kanthan Hill : Paraboea vulpina, this is the only place on earth to find this rare & endangered species.

4. Barassodendron machadonis, a rare palm, and the largest population in Perak, is found at Kanthan Hill.

We hope that the members can help to highlight this issue to the public and the authorities.

Thank you.

Lee Ping Kong
Chairman, Malaysian Nature Society Perak Branch

New MNS Perak Branch Building

MNS Perak is getting a new branch building, it can be used for meetings and events. Interested members can request for the keys from the branch committee.

Address: No.70, Jln Chan Chee Keong, Ipoh Garden South, 31400 Ipoh.


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