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By Chan Kai Soon

Dear all,

Red-necked Phalarope Phalaropus lobatus breeds in the Arctic regions of North America and Eurasia. It winters pelagically. Bird i-Witness has only four recent records, three near Sabak Bernam in 2005 and one in Teluk Air Tawar coast in 2007.

An immatured bird was found in a pond in Malim Nawar on 16 Oct 2010. It was seen again on the next day and also on 19th Oct. It is probably an immatured bird which like young kids, are prone to losing their way.

To see pics of this bird and its location, check my Facebook page.


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Words, images & sound recording by Dr. Amar-Singh HSS

My wife and I enjoy the Common Iora very much in our garden.
They come many times a day to forage, often in a family group.
They have a pleasant personality and are very pretty.

They also have a very large repertoire or range of calls and we enjoy
listening to them. I have made many recording of calls to try and understand them and would like to share a few taken this year, all made when they came as a family group.

Dr David R Wells in his “The birds of the Thai-Malay Peninsula, Volume
2” has extensively described many of their calls.

Species: Common Iora Aegithina tiphia horizoptera
Location: Canning Garden Home, Ipoh City, Perak, Malaysia
Date: 3rd January & 14th July 2010
Equipment: Nikon D90 SLR with Sigma AF OS Zoom 150-500mm, handheld

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Video by Sallehan Din

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Only a small group of 8 people, including 2 members from Selangor, came for this trip in the Segari-Melintang Forest Reserve at Pasir Panjang beach. Unfortunately, due to miscommunication, a family of 4 missed rejoining the group after leaving to buy breakfast in Pantai Remis.

We had hopes of finding the endemic White Balau tree (Shorea lumutensis), the reason why this reserve is ranked a High Conservation Value Forest. As none of us were foresters, this proved quite a task and even with the help of pictures of the bark and leaves, we could not locate any and had to be content with knowing that the tree is in there somewhere!

(Video by Dr.Chan Kai Soon)

Anyway, we enjoyed the relaxing walk along the shady track through the tall trees, with occasional stops for photography and birding. Birds were few but one co-operative Crimson-winged Woodpecker provided close views as it pecked away unafraid. We exited at 1130hrs and drove to the nearby turtle sanctuary where we had a hurried lunch, due to the hordes of flies eager to join us! Later, we went around the turtle breeding tanks and took pictures of the photogenic baby turtles and then left for home.

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Report and image by Chan Kai Soon

This slide show by Eleanor Duignan, a visiting naturalist from Western Australia, started was held in YMCA on May 14th, 2010. A total of 23 persons, including a non-member attended. We were given a run through of the birds, mammals, frogs and snakes of North Queensland.

The slide show commentary was accompanied by a background of various calls and sounds of the Australian wildlife. Despite not having professional grade equipment, Ele was able to show us some very interesting and rare pictures of the fauna. She also showed some habitat pictures of the place where she had lived for 20 years.

At the end of the talk, there were many questions for Ele, including tips on how to find and observe wildlife, and questions related to visiting the place. Chan Kai Soon presented Ele with a gift from the bird group as well and one from the branch exco. The crowd dispersed at about 9.45 pm.

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